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We have relaunched our website with some BIG changes, have a look! (still the same address: www.turnthepagebookshop.com.au).

What’s New

  • All the stock from our physical store is now available to SEARCH and PURCHASE online! This means instead of only having a few hundred titles available we now have many thousands for you to enjoy. If a title is out of stock you can put it on the (no obligation) wish list and we will notify you once it’s back in stock. If you would like more information just contact us in in any of the usual ways and we can give you more details.
  • A NEW SYSTEM OF GIFT VOUCHERS. These can be purchased and used both instore &/or online. Fully secure, the remaining balance is instantly updated upon any purchase. Just keep a record of your voucher’s unique number and we will be happy to replace it if lost or stolen.
  • Sign up for our new occasional newsletter and you will be given a permanent code entitling you to 10% off the marked price of everything (except Gift Vouchers)! You will also get the same discount instore (if you are not already in our customer club).

What’s not changing

  • Free instore pick up and free delivery (usually same day) to Phillip Island and San Remo.
  • The same friendly dedicated customer service both instore and online.
  • Our same exceptional skills to track down hard to find books. If it’s in print we should be able to track any title!
  • We will still be involved in organizing author events both online and live once we move away from Covid-19 restrictions. We will also be maintaining our close relationship with the Island Story Gatherers.

So welcome to our new web site and we hope you enjoy your browsing and shopping.

Best wishes from Lois, Paul and everyone at Turn the Page

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